Sapphire and Scooter

My family used to feed stray cats that lived around their house. There was a mother named Ginger and her two kittens, Sapphire and Scooter living in their back yard. They were very afraid of people but came everyday for food. My family was not able to pet them.

I had the opportunity over Christmas when I was visiting them to trap the kittens (my dad did the trapping) and take them home with me, so I did just that.

Scooter and Sapphire were timid and afraid of people. It took weeks for the kitties to warm up to us. They stayed in their cat house together. Scooter warmed up a lot quicker than Sapphire, she couldn’t resist playing.

She discovered that she loved to play…like 24/7!

She was also very cuddly and sweet too!

Though Sapphire loved being pet, he was terrified each time a hand came near him. Once the hand touched him he realized it made him happy.

He had a reserved but silly personality.

We got them both spayed and neutered but Scooter was bad and ripped her stitches…twice! She kept breaking out of her cone. Naughty kitty!

We had Scooter and Sapphire for a few months before they were socialized. Putting Sapphire and Scooter up for adoption hit me hard. They were my babies. I spent every single day with them. I watched them grow and become outgoing and happy. One day I saw a friend’s status that he was looking for two kittens. It was fate! I messaged him with pictures and videos of Sapphire and Scooter. He spoke with his family and they ultimately decided to take them. My boyfriend and I drove them to him in Pennsylvania after a few weeks due to Scooter needing time to heal from being spayed.

After we dropped Sapphire and Scooter off I broke down crying. I think I cried the whole way home. I continued to cry for the next few days. This adoption hit me hard. I think this was also difficult for me because I knew how terrified Sapphire and Scooter would be. I knew that they thought I was their mom. I couldn’t help but think they thought I gave them up and that I didn’t love them. These thoughts wouldn’t leave my head. Scooter and Sapphire¬†took a few weeks to adjust to their new home. I get happy updates via pictures and videos from their adopter. I still miss them a lot but they seem happy in their furever home!

As for their mom, Ginger- we TNR’d her ( trap-neuter-release). It has been 3 years and she still gets fed in my dad’s backyard everyday and she is no longer feral! My family (especially my sister) are able to pet her now.

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My first experience fostering- a feral mom and her two kittens

I have always wanted to foster cats but I never took any action to do so because it wasn’t a stable time in my life. I was in college, I was moving every year, and I didn’t have a stable job. My last week of school I saw a post on facebook from the Humane Society. They were looking for a foster home for a mother and her two kittens. I felt that the stars had all aligned now that I had an apartment with a spare bedroom, I was graduating and looking for full time jobs. This was the time! I decided to call and inquire about fostering. Calling to inquire turned into picking up the mother and two kittens a mere three days later.

I fostered the mother, Oleta and her two kittens, Cracker and Crocker for a few months.

The kittens got adopted once they were weened off of Oleta. Though the kittens were adorable, it wasn’t difficult adopting them out because they were so young. They loved everyone that walked into the room. I knew they wouldn’t be sad to leave.

Oleta was a two year old, feral cat. She was extremely shy and scared of people. My boyfriend and I had to work very hard to socialize her. It took her months to be comfortable with us petting her. She wasn’t aggressive at all, just very shy.

I thought about keeping Oleta a lot. I knew that it was better to adopt her out so I could continue fostering and also my cat despises other cats. I bonded so much with Oleta. This cat that was absolutely terrified of people was now following me around my apartment, screaming for my attention, banging on my bedroom door at night to cuddle, and laying in my lap.

She also became very playful!

An old co-worker of mine saw my post about Oleta on FaceBook, she wanted to come see her. She came to visit and it was love at first sight. She adopted her a few weeks later! This made me extremely happy because it was someone I knew and trusted and I knew Oleta would be well taken care of. It was still very difficult to hand her over. I missed Oleta for weeks. It took Oleta a few months to be comfortable and outgoing in her new home. She hid in the basement for a few weeks. Now I hear happy updates that Oleta runs around the house meowing for attention and sleeps on the bed. This is amazing because this was a cat that rolled up in a ball in a corner and shook with fear when someone walked into the room. It makes me very happy that Oleta found such a loving home.