A New York City Christmas

My sisters and I decided to spend the day after Christmas exploring what New York City has to offer for the holidays. I mapped out the best route before we went. Here is the list of places we were hoping to go to.
1. Bloomingdale’s
2. Barneys- 660 Madison Ave
3. Bergdorf- 754 5th ave.  58th st
4. Tiffany & Co.- 727 5th Ave. 57th st
5. Henri Bendel- 712 5th Ave. 55th st
6. St Patrick’s Cathedral- 51st
7. Saks 5th Ave- 12 E. 49th st- stay for the show on the building
8. Rockerfeller Tree
9. Bryant Park Holiday Village
10. Macy’s- 151 34th st
11. Lord and Taylor- 424 5th Ave
I would definitely allot 5-6 hours if you would like to make all of these stops. I had to leave at a certain time so we saw the first 9 in 4.5 hours. We did not get to see the Macy’s or Lord and Taylor windows this year.
Seeing the windows is a magical experience. They are all beautiful! I recommend going to see the windows early. It doesn’t have to be dark to see those and it will be less crowded. As the day went on it was increasingly more difficult to see the windows or take pictures.
 Not only are the windows beautiful but the streets are looking festive too!

Some windows:


Tiffany & Co.
St Patrick’s Cathedral
Saks 5th Ave
Rockefeller Tree
Bryant Park Holiday Village

New York City can be magical during the holidays but also crowded. Be kind, be respectful and be patient. Enjoy your holidays and have a Happy New Year!

Check out my Christmas video from a few years ago:

Tis the Season

I absolutely hate being cold. In fact, as I write this I am bundled up in two blankets, drinking tea. Despite hating the cold, I love all the fun things to do in the winter for the holidays!

The following are my favorite places to visit for the holidays!

Last winter, my boyfriend and I hit up Destiny USA, one of the largest malls in the United States. It is located in Syracuse, NY.

A few minutes away from the mall there is an event held each year called Lights on the Lake. This is an adorable drive-through event. It starts mid November and runs through the first week on January. It’s open from 5-10pm and is $10 per car to get in.

We waited a long time to get in, about 45 minutes but it’s worth it. There is a station you can tune into for Christmas music while you drive through and enjoy the light displays.

Another one of my favorite spots to hit up in the winter is the Corning Museum of Glass. Check out their calendar and make sure you visit during their free Holiday weekend. It’s a lot of fun, not only because it is decorated beautifully but also because there is so much going on! There is a choir singing carols, there is free hot chocolate, cider and cookies as well as giveaway raffles. The glass making demo’s are holiday themed and there are endless holiday glass ornaments and decorations to buy. Each item is more beautiful than the last. I had a lot of trouble deciding what to get last year. I finally settled on a glass bulb ornament and a glass snowman.

Because there are limited spots and a highly sought out event, I have never been able to do the glass making, though I haven’t tried that hard either. To make the holiday themed glass, you need to make reservations in advance. I recommend it because it is a lot of fun! (I have done it outside of the holiday events.)

Though it is absolutely freezing and you feel like your face might fall off, I love visiting Niagara Falls, Canada in the winter. Though you aren’t able to ride the Horn Blower, it’s really quite magical! The Falls are always lit up at night but this time of year it feels even more special.

There was a cool option to write on the buildings and there was a light display in the park when I went two or three years ago.

If you live in New York, visiting Dyker Heights, Brooklyn is a must! There are several blocks that get absolutely decked out for the holidays! Bundle up and walk around this festive neighborhood.

Some of the blocks even have characters and Santa giving out candy!

These few blocks can get pretty crowded so beware of that. Everyone is trying to take pictures with their families. Go in with a positive attitude and a lot of patience! Be kind even if other people are being rude and also, do not go on the properties. These are people’s homes. They of course want you to take all the pictures you want but from a reasonable distance.

NYC- Duhhhhh!

There is nothing like New York City in December. The windows, the ornaments, the light shows on the buildings, and the Rockefeller tree!

A lot of people go to see the windows and Rockefeller tree but forget all about Bryant Park. I definitely recommend going there too! They have an adorable holiday set up, Bryant Park Winter Village. There are tons of shops, hot chocolate stands, snack stands, ice skating, and their very own large Christmas tree.

I have never ice skated near the Rockefeller tree due to the enormous line but I have in Bryant Park. The line goes pretty quick.

Check out my video from a few years ago.

Happy Holiday, fun travels, and have a great 2018!