Release Date: September 1, 2006

Plot Outline: An “average American”, is chosen for a top-secret hibernation program. The program is shut down and he is forgotten. He wakes up 500 years in the future to a dumbed down world. He wakes up to be the smartest man in the world.

Luke Wilson was absolutely perfect for this role. I cannot picture anyone else for this part. I LOVE this movie. It is extremely clever and just overall hilarious. There are times when you have to pay close attention to catch all of the little clever jokes. They are continuous throughout the film. Careful, or you will miss some.

It was extremely comical and clever. I was very, very impressed by it but, it makes you think about the future of humanity. Be prepared to be afraid. Some of the jokes in the film are based on real life events or shows that are already in existence. It makes you realize that as technological and advanced the human race is, we are becoming a dumbed down society.

One thing I also really liked was the narration. It fades in and out to the point where it blends right in. It just flows and fits right in.

Everyone must see this movie! It is definitely one of my favorites. I was so very impressed by it in every way. Ridiculously clever and hilarious. Go see it ASAP. You will forever be quoting this movie and referencing the funny jokes and situations.

Stuck on You

Release Date: December 12, 2003

Plot Outline: Conjoined twins move to LA so that one of them can pursue his dream acting career.

I thought that this was a pretty funny idea but I just wasn’t sure if they would be able to pull it off. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to seeing this movie at all because I thought it was going to be dumb and full of stupid humor. I was so wrong. Never judge a book by its cover people. They really pulled this film off. I was pleasantly surprised. The jokes and puns were clever and original. I laughed throughout this entire movie.

I was amazed at the team work between Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear. They had great chemistry. I can’t imagine the amount of practice it took to perfect the coordination to make this movie in one piece.

There was a random, unexpected fight scene stuck in there. It was very impressive and unexpected for this type of movie. I really appreciated the contrast in background music as the fight was going on. The moves were very cool and funny but they made the intense fight far less intense which was a good thing because this is supposed to be a light comedy. They were successful at keeping the light feel of the movie even though asses were getting kicked.

Matt Damon is an excellent actor. I always realize this when I see him play a variety of roles. He is quite talented. He is often known for his good looks and charm but he is able to play the innocent, cute dork too. I like that about him. He is always able to transform himself into the character he is playing. That is talent.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. I was surprised at how much I liked it. It was quite funny. It was perfect for a quiet night in with a friend and a big bag of popcorn.

Hamlet 2

Release Date: August 27, 2008

Plot Outline: An eccentric drama teacher creates the sequel to Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Just awful. It was ridiculous! You can tell what it’s goals were. It was trying way too hard to make ridiculous phrases catchy. And it tried too hard to be the unique offbeat film of the year. Offbeat, it was not. It was ridiculous. I felt like I was dumbing down by watching this. I might have giggled once because someone got hit in the head or something. It was a sad attempt to be an offbeat, unique hit.

Revolutionary Road

Release Date: January 23, 2009

Plot Outline: Taking a deeper look into the struggles of a married couple, Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet.

I thought that the struggles and emotions were very real. Though this movie contained two amazing actors, the acting was just not believable for me. They were going through very difficult, heart wrenching times and I just did not care. The acting wasn’t believeable. I felt like they were trying too hard and maybe just couldn’t connect to the emotion. Dicaprio and Winslet are two of my favorite actors but in Revolutionary Road, it just seemed like they were memorizing a script.

I was kind of lost with the flash backs and flash forwards. I couldn’t tell when they were flashing back because the actors always appear to be the same age. It was too subtle.

The plot was very powerful. It was sad, sweet, and kind of inspiring. It rang true to the struggles two people can face together. I feel this film would have been more enjoyable if the actors connected with the plot.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Release Date: October 3, 2008

Plot Outline: A British writer struggles to fit in when he gets a job with an upscale magazine.

I really like that Kristen Dunst has been getting out of her usual pretty teen roles. She’s definitely been branching out these past few years

I was unable to tell if Megan Fox was a really bad actress or if that was her role. I guess her role was just to stand there and look pretty but it seemed like she was trying too hard.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People was great! Very funny. It had a darker humor and it was pretty heavy but there were so many very funny and unexpected moments.

I absolutely hated the main character at first but you were supposed to. He grows on you just like he does with everyone else in the film. He is endearing once you get to know him more but he is very obnoxious and outrageous at first.

There was this very sweet underlying story about regular people just trying to achieve their dreams.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. I haven’t really seen anything quite like this in a while and I just love that type of humor.


Release Date: April 25, 2008

Plot Outline: An accountant is introduced to a sex club by a mysterious man. He then finds himself as a suspect for a woman’s disappearance.

It was a great plot but I wasn’t surprised by the “great” twist at the end. It was very predictable. I felt like I’ve seen this movie in 100 different versions. Though, I can’t tell if it is very predictable or if I have seen way too many movies. I get the feeling it’s the latter. Assuming I have seen too many movies, this movie was great! I liked the actors and I don’t think you are supposed to really get what’s going on or what the ending is supposed to be. There is a big twist at the end that left some of my friends shocked. So, see this movie if you want a mystery type of thriller…and if you don’t watch a lot of movies.

Let me know if you thought the ending was obvious.

Reservation Road

Release Date: November 15, 2007

Plot Outline: A man is on the search for the person that killed his young son in a hit and run.

This movie was quite slow but it had to be. This film is about taking a look at the emotions felt after parents tragically lose their son. It seemed as if the actions and emotional break downs rang true to the plot.

This must have been a difficult role for the actors to play. It is an emotional film. I could imagine it was draining. The acting was absolutely phenomenal. Jennifer Connoly, Mark Ruffolo, and Juaquin Phoenix were incredible. Especially the newly popular, Miss Fanning. Who is definitely taking after her big sister with her acting skills.

What I loved about this film was that we aren’t against any of the characters. A terrible thing happened but we get to know the characters from the very beginning, this way we aren’t put against the man that hit the little boy. We see each characters great emotional struggle. We are forced to empathize with each and every character.

I wouldn’t recommend this film unless you are ready to go on an emotional rollercoaster.

The Happening

Release Date: Jue 13th 2008

Plot Outline: People are on the run from a mysterious suicide causing disease.

I think I may actually be the biggest M. Night fan out there. I think he is brilliant! I love every one of his films and I am always amazing at his ideas. I, of course loved this idea as well. I was impressed by the mood, the idea, and how the idea was carried out. However, I was not impressed by the acting. The thing about this is that I am a huge John Leguizamo and Mark Wahlberg fan. Has anyone seen the Departed? He was brilliant in that movie! His acting was impeccable! I have not a clue what happened to these two in The Happening. The acting really did ruin the film. Everything in this movie was great besides the acting. Sadly, it brought it down terribly. I found myself laughing during serious, suspenseful parts just because the acting was so awful. I don’t think this is the right genre for John or Mark. Maybe they will get it right the next time.Besides that, Keep ’em coming Shyamalan! I’ll be waitingP.S: M. Night usually has a guest appearance in every one of his films. He didn’t this time…or did I just miss it?.

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Release Date: June 6th 2008

Plot Outline: An Israeli Special Forces Soldier fakes his own death so that he can move to New York city to live out his dream of becoming a hair stylist.

Though the plot is absolutely ridiculous and it was severely dumb…(for lack of a better word), I found myself laughing occasionally. Though slightly amusing at times, I found myself rolling my eyes more than I found myself laughing. I love Adam Sandler. I aspire to marry him someday. With Adam, I have found that as the years go on, his films get worse and worse. My disappointment all started with Punch Drunk Love. It was down hill from there. This latest film is definitely the worst of all Sandler films. Disappointment after Disappointment and I still find myself running to the theater to see his latest creation.

I was surprised at how many celebrity appearances there were. There were a bunch of celebs with small roles. The biggest role went to Mariah Carey who just so happens to be an awful actress. (Sorry Mariah). I think they added so many celebrities to this film because they knew just how bad it truly was.

It was a ridiculous plot line with a few perverted jokes in between. What is with this new phase of filling movies with perverted jokes? The funniest part of this movie is how they used Hummus for everything.  I also noticed that a lot of the dialogue was Hebrew…with no subtitles. How do they expect people to know what is going on if they speak in a different language and don’t have the courtesy of adding subtitles?  I am done ranting.